I’m pleased to announce that G’Day USA is a semifinalist in The Kindle Book Review’s Best Indie Books of 2012 Contest.

Thank you all again!


A follow up to G’Day LA

Australian actress Ellie Bourke stands on the precipice of success.

Or so everyone tells her.

Her latest movie promises to be a blockbuster and the cream of the Hollywood A-list are clamoring for her services

Then an old enemy is found dead, evidence strongly implicates her in his death and she’s on the run from the killer who tells her she’s next.

Relying on help from the odds and ends of Venice Beach, Ellie needs to solve a puzzle going back four years before she ends up the next victim on the killer’s list.

Ellie plummets from the highest heights – her movie premiere – to the lowest of lows – living with the homeless of Venice Beach –  in an effort to avoid getting killed while eluding the police and trying to find the killer. This story moves at a break-neck pace from the first page to the closing scenes.

G’Day USA is available now in paperback format ($16.99) and in ebook format  on Amazon exclusively until August 8, 2012 (at which point e-distribution will expand).

eBook (US$3.99):
Kindle: US | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES


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  3. I’ve decided that in much the same way that I wouldn’t post first drafts without edits, I’m sure Syd (who is creating the wonderful cover for this book) wouldn’t want rough drafts of her cover on the intertubes. As such, the early version once on this page has been replaced with a white panel.

    To be frank, I loved the rough draft, but until Syd is happy, I won’t be happy.

    With the cover, that is. I’m pretty much happy about everything else in my life

  4. Norman Partington (@njptower)

    Sounds like a good yarn – count me in!

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