G'DayLA600x900new-tagged-v2Ellie Bourke, alumni of “Home and Away”, one of Australia’s longest running TV shows and a leading character in Bart Sweeney’s cult-classic horror Beast of Bondi moved to Los Angeles to further her acting career almost a year ago.

Bart loved working with her in Beast, and encouraged her to make the move. He believed her to be talented enough to make it on the big stage.

A year later and she’s still finding that success elusive. She’s thinking of packing it in and heading back to Sydney when Joel, her roommate and best friend, is found dead in his tub, a case of suspected suicide.

That pushes her over the edge. She books flights and packs her bags and is ready for the airport when she learns that Joel didn’t kill himself – he was killed.

Can Ellie convince the police that Joel’s death wasn’t suicide? Or accidental?

Can she stay alive herself, now that the killer knows what Ellie knows?

And can she find a career in a city that cares more for what’s on the outside than on the inside?

“I read much of G’Day L.A. with a grin on my face. The writing style is lean and conversational—easy on the eye. The pace is fast, and the dialogue is crisp, and believable, and often funny.” – Pete Barber, BigAl’s Books and Pals

Introducing the characters:

Ellie Bourke   Bart Sweeney   Joel Sampson   Steve Bond   Ross Mellon   “Life-Time” Larry

“G’Day LA”  is available from eBook retailers and Amazon.com.

eBook (Suggested price US$2.99):
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Paperback (Suggested price US$14.99 – some vendors may vary):

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  1. Can’t wait to review it. Please send it in PDF.. Thx

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  3. Thx a bunch.. Will start asap…

  4. Still looking for reviewers? If so, ePub, please.

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  9. Just a note to let you know I finally got around to visiting your site. Your professional presentation is to be commended. I have no idea weather you are making a shitload of money as an author or not but it sure looks like you are.
    I had no idea just how many books you had written and it goes without saying that I am impressed.
    A special hello to each member of your family please and you should know I will be making your mom and dad feel good soon when I sing your praises.

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